The Sexist of the Year Award goes to archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko

He advocated early marriages.
On March 20th, the winners of the annual Sexist of the Year award for 2018 were announced at the Moscow Sakrarov Centre. The main award went to archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko who supports early marriages and parenthood.
“We must normalize early marriage and childbearing. A girl at 17 years old is fully capable of becoming a wonderful mother. Moreover, at this young age the girl has not yet wasted her virtues, and has not picked up any infections or diseases, which is why she may well be a good and kind other. <…> Early marriages can save the country from the enormous and totally unnecessary mass of people with higher education. <…> We see women forcing men out of management jobs etc., but if women raised children instead of going out to work, they would benefit society in a much better way”, — said the archpriest in his interview with “Russian People’s Line”.
The award in the Sexism in the Media nomination was given to Dmitry Kosyrev, who declared in his piece for “Rossiya Segodnya” that feminists are “a shill group of women, acting in favour of a third party”. The prize for the most sexist ad went to IKEA for their social media post featuring a photo of a dog and a list of clichéd things “you should do if you have accidentally scratched his car or chewed his slippers”.
The prize in the Women Against Women nomination was awarded to the psychologist Maria Merkulova who supported and sided with the Bauman University student who killed a girl he shared a rented flat with. In addition, Maria claimed that if a woman suffers sexual abuse, it is absolutely her fault. The award in the Anti-Women Policies nomination was shared between The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the National Medicine Chamber, for declaring their intention to make the human foetus an object for legal protection. This may result in the recognition of the foetus as a legal personage, which in turn may lead to an abortion ban.

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