Sexist Of The Year Award (English)

Sexism is an ideological component of gender violence aimed at the social segregation of women. Sexism is a set of ideological convictions based on a belief in physical and psychological inequality between men and women and the decisive impact of sex differences on history and culture. Sexist ideology comprises ideas of a primordial differentiation of humanity into the male upper group and female lower group, with the former allegedly creating civilization and culture and predestined to rule over the latter.  

The goal of the established award “Sexist of the Year” is to stop the orgy of sexism in mass media and advertising. Our objective is to attract popular attention to the problem of sexism and initiate the passing of a special law that would guarantee the absence of hate speech against women in information space.  


Sexist Of The Year Award (English) - PDF


For reference. The pressure group “Pro Feminism” was created in Moscow in 2010 for the promotion of feminist ideas and the integration of civil rights activists. 

“Pro Feminism” is a voluntary organisation to raise awareness of women's issues and promote active campaigning in Russia.

Our slogan is “Feminism is our choice!”

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